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Mountainside/Steep Valley
Mountainsides are not the ideal wedding venue, due to their obvious location and gradient-related
issues. However, if one can be accessed for a wedding shoot, it could prove to be an ideal location.
Steeper locations provide a much more inclusive backdrop, what with more of the background visible
due to the gradient. If the photo is captured just right, it could result in some truly amazing shots.

  4 Ideal Locations for Contemporary

Wedding Photography

A bridal and general photoshoot is an almost vital aspect of a wedding. This is because it is of utmost importance to preserve the memories from your special day; to be cherished forever! The photo shoot, need to not only be absolutely beautiful, so as to appropriately portray the sheer romantic
appeal, but also be very well shot, by a professional who is fully in tune with their art.

Importance of a Wedding Shoot Location
While it is true that a good photographer can bring out the beauty in just about any location; some
locations are simply tailor-made for certain types of photoshoots. This means that while your
photographer may be able to produce wonderful photos in your Chicago area wedding venue, the
results will not be on par with what they could do when provided with a shooting location that is perfect
for a wedding/bridal photoshoot.
Other than that, there is the obvious aesthetic appeal of the surroundings at a wedding shoot location,
which lends itself very well to photography in general.

Chicago Area Wedding Venue Photography, Banquet Rooms Photography
To that end, following are some of the most ideal wedding shoot locations.
Train Station
This is one location that never goes out of fashion, no matter how many weddings are shot there. It has
almost a nostalgic, somewhat industrial vibe that reminds of classic cinema; making for a truly
wonderful set of wedding photos. No number of banquet rooms can really capture the charm that a
train station has, in terms of ambience.
Beaches are an already well used location for destination weddings. However, their appeal translates
very well to a wedding and bridal photoshoots. In addition to that, there are elements of nature present
at the beach, which serves as a natural relaxant. Not only will a beach provide a very relaxing and
glamorous environment, but it will bring out a sense of openness and tranquility in the photos.
One downside to beachside photoshoots is that while they are much better than banquet rooms when it
comes to ambience, they do require proficiency on the photographer’s part, since the sand and water
tends to ruin dresses, thereby requiring the photographer to capture the best shots in the first take,
every time.
Another location, Chicago Suburbs. Yes it is! Who knew that your local Chicago area wedding venue could be an ideal wedding photography venue!
Namely: Chicago Banquet Hall & Wedding Venues in Chicago Suburbs,
Manzo’s Banquets
 1571 South Elmhurst Rd.
(at the corner of Oakton Ave. & Elmhurst Rd.)
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Email: manzosbanquets@yahoo.com
Phone: (847) 593-2233
Fax: (847) 593-3116

If you can have the entire Manzo's venue empty, the possibilities are almost endless to the variety of photos that could be created. Since banquet rooms have a number of areas, such as the aisle/ramp, and the décor is
pleasant, you could potentially have photos of your special day within the venue itself.
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